Omonia – Solutions on international Commerce/Trade, is the top leader Organization – provider of International Business development services.

We strive to take the oportunities Globalization offers, as well as Information and Communication Technologies, to those Companies who look forward to expand in this area.

Within this framework we focus our Services on the the following areas:

Strategic Market information: We give you extremely useful information for your Business with foreign Countries and also about your position in the market.

Business with China: Our services are created to facilitate Companies at the moment of purchasing products from the People’s Republic of China. As we have an organized, specialized structure, we can offer to our latin clients a secure negotiation with that country, which results in their inner peace and tranquillity.

International Commercialization: It consists on versatile – enhancing tools, very useful at the moment of promoting your products, or services, in Latin America,  including as well, the search of suppliers from all over the world.

Foreign Trade Support Unit: Our main goal is help your company in order to join and participate successfully in the International Market, having wide access to its benefits. We count on the reliable experience and knowledge our  Professionals have – in order to back you up in this procedure.

E-Business: The World in your hands: Made up of different good quality – accessible tools, that will allow your Company to develop and enhance  the use of the New Technologies, conluding as Successful – Optimum use of the menctioned.


How to Contact Us:


En Argentina:


Suipacha 207 - Piso 1 Oficina 113

Buenos Aires

Teléfonos: (+54) 11 5983 9541

E-mail:  argentina@eomonia.com


En Uruguay:


18 de Julio 1528 Of.602 - Montevideo

Tel./Fax: (+598 2) 409 0008 / 409 5001

E-mail: uruguay@eomonia.com


Web: www.eOmonia.com

E-mail: info@eomonia.com 





En Colombia:


Calle 106A No. 49-33

Bogotá, D.C. - Colombia

Teléfonos: (57 1) 6911982 y 2571209

E-mail:  colombia@eomonia.com


En China:


Room 603, Building 1, Lane 500, Zhongshan Nanyi Road, Luwan District Shanghai - P.R.C.

Tel: (86) (21) 61418791

E-mail:  china@eomonia.com


MSN: eomonia@hotmail.com

Skype: omoniasa


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